To choose a system

One important decision you take in the early stages of a website is which CMS – content management system – you will use.

I have chosen WordPress for for several reasons:

Actually I started out building the first prototype of the site on Drupal, but since I see much of the same functionality in WordPress, and I already have experience in working with WordPress I decided to uninstall Drupal and start building the site on WordPress.

I haven’t regret that.

WordPress must be the most popular self-hosted blogging-system as it is right now – that means tons of different themes to chose from, an effective debug-proces and good support in several forums about.

It’s easy to configure and customize – and at one time i needed to move the content from one server to another because i bought a new domain – and it was as easy as about ten clicks on the mouse.

Besides Drupal and WordPress there is also Typepad, which among others uses.

And a lot more.

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