The rise of a (partly) new language

HTML5 is a new standard for programming in HTML.

With HTML5 you don’t need so many external plugins like Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Java.

It’s becoming popular among other things because Apple will not allow Adobe Flash elements on the iPad.

One of the projects with HTML5 is also to simplify some of the coding.

It takes a lot of years to progress a new revision of the old basic programming language, HTML.

Like in CSS HTML is also under webstandards set by W3, an there is a lot of work before they accept a revision of the language.

Every site on the web is more or less build around HTML, which gives simple instructions to the browser about how to show a code. HTML can’t take data from visitors on a website – to do that you have to combine it with a serverside language like PHP or ASP.

A HTML site is basically diveded into to sections – one you really don’t see in the browser – and on you do see.

The first is the <head>-section, and the other is the <body>-section. This is also good to know when you are making small customizations on your WordPress template.

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