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API – Apllication Programming Interface – is basically a way to release a set of data or a structure for others to work further with.

One of the most obvious examples is the Twitter API. Whether you have a Twitter client on your desktop, show the latest tweets on your website or make a Storify on your blog with tweets you use the Twitter API.

Twitter has made some restrictions in the use of their API to ensure it will not be overloaded, and to keep to core product for themself. If you don’t follow these restrictions they can exclude you from using their API.

Many publish their API’s to get their product spread or to se what else the core data that a website has can be used for.

For it’s interesting with API’s because it is also a way to illustrate the enormous sets of data already online about The European Union.

Most recently the API for all the european legislature documents has been released, and this have already given us some new illustrations of the EU lawmaking that are interesting.

Here you can se some examples of what the EU legislature API have been used for:


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