Different types of hosting

I don’t care where I live, how big my apartment is, if I’m going to share it with others, if there is a lock on the door or an insurance if everything burns down.

Very few would probably agree with the statement, but when it comes to web-hosting quite a few does it.

You can get web-hosting really cheap these days, but it will have consequences of the quality of your web-host.

Example – I bought my web-hotel from a company in Europe that I trust. It works fine as long as your homepage is just a little one without much traffic, and without much at stake if something goes wrong. But as my trafficnumbers raises it get’s slower, because it is shared hosting.

But for a web-company a secure web-host is critical. If you once experience a website that don’t load, the odds that you will revisit it is very low.

Here are some different types of web-hosting:

Shared hosting: Cheap. You share a server with other websites. There is a lot of “doors” in it, so the security is much lower. If some of the other websites on your server get a lot of traffic it will affect the speed of your website.

Dedicated server: You can host a website yourself if you have a computer you can have online all the time – or you can buy the service from a hosting-company. With a dedicated server it is only your site on it. This an expensive solution but still the most trusted.

Colocation: You can setup your own server and send it to a hosting company. You design the server all by yourself, from software to hardware. You are basically buying the room in an server environment. This is a bit cheaper than a dedicated server, but it is at your own risk if something goes wrong, because the hosting-company can’t know all the customized servers. You need to be pretty technical smart if you choose this solution.
Cloud: With cloud-hosting you only use what you need, when you need it. This a cloud of computers, where you can easily scale op and down as you need it because your computer space it hosted on several computers instead of just one server. You can see this video for an easy introduction to cloud-hosting: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.com/web-hosting-knowledge/a-brief-on-cloud-hosting/

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