Data on a map

We participated in the Hacks/hackers Meetup workshop on Google Fusion.

Kathryn Hurley leaded us through some of the basic functions Google Fusion – I must admit that I couldn’t follow along all the way, but she showed us some great ways to use it, and it is a very simple way to illustrate a big sets of date – the problem though is there can be a lot of work to clean the data-sets to use it in Google Fusion.

One project I remember very well from before I came to New York was when the Danish Tabloid Ekstra Bladet used Google Fusion to visualize all the data from the leaked documents about Afghanistan on a map:

On it might be useful with Google Fusion. Among other things I think it could be quite good project to visualize where all the farmsubsidies goes on a map. The data i can get from this site:

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