Does viral videos need to be expensive?

One important lesson to take away from Bob Sacha’s class about webvideo at Entrepreneurial Journalism is that it might not nescessary be very costful to produce a promotional video to make your online startup to go viral.

He used some examples in class, but it made me think about a video that I just recently have seen mad from a couple of guys in my homecountry, Denmark, next-biggest town Aarhus.

They simply used a webcam, and a song, and now they have already got 4 million viewers on this very simple, but funny video:

They had a good idea, a good story, and they executed it and went viral – and the cost in money was close to nothing.

They didn’t use it to promote anything, but if you can use the same humor and feelings in a promotional video this could be a very good way to go for a startup to get some audience.

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