Zinio is down

Zinio's homepage hasn't worked all weekend. Just the time where people has time to read magazines.

In 2005 the digital magazine provider Zinio partnered with a Spanish franchiser, AccesoGroup, to open op for a new market in Europe.

Zinio Spain was the first digital magazine provider in the country, and it gave them a lot of upsides and downsides.

At the time the digital magazines was winning land in the consumptions of magazines, but reading the case today already feels oldschool. Since has among other products the iPad arrived and seems to beat the success out of magazine providers on desktops.

And they said it themselves:

– If you want to look at the whole ecosystem of Zinio, you could ask, ‘should we try and partner with a hardware manufacturer to build a reader?’ The industry predicts that Apple will release an iPod with a larger screen very shortly and Sony already has a hardware screen on the market. Or what about partnering with a printer? Or maybe a software developer? Microsoft has recently announced a partnership with the New York Times for a reader to be bundled with the new Windows Vista system, said Suárez spearhead of Zinio Spain.

Things happen within five years.

They ended up with not doing it. Instead they have today integrated their technology to be available on the iPads and a bunch of other platforms. But as Mike Haney from the Bonnier Publications-owned MAG+ say, they are still only replicating PDF’s to the iPad, which gives Zinios competitors advantages making the magazines mainly to the iPad instead of the desktop as Zinio still seems to be doing.

Status today

I went on their homepage to see, what they are dealing with right now. They have survived since their American start-up in 2000 in a very changing market. They are now one of the established companies – but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have decisions to make or dealing with problems anymore.

– The Zinio Newsstand will return shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Their site is down – see here is a problem that only nearly was acceptable in 2006.

I’ll went to Twitter, and here they announced it:

– Our services are currently unavailable. We’re working diligently to restore service. Please contact customer support: site-support@zinio.com, their tweet said.

Wow, that doesn’t seem especially established. I skipped to their others international sites and saw it was the same problem worlwide. Zionio has a breakdown, and three days later the problem wasn’t solved yet.

The word “shortly” seems to be a bit diluted.

Are Zinio prepared for the future?

But it’s not all wrong. Actually I can see that they really got a hold of, what to use Twitter for throughout their 4,432 tweets.

They are not just using Twitter for announcement of their site unavailability or new magazines to buy. Their are being progressive about helping out people having problems with their product announcing it on Twitter.

One, Alan Stonebridge, says:

– @zinio Is your tech support team snowed at the minute? I remain unable to install the offline reader on two Macs. AIR says installer damaged.

Shortly after @zinio replies:

– @alstonebridge Sorry for the delay- will get the CS team on it.

And here are some other reactions from Zinio:

– @matthewlew Can you DM us your email so we can investigate and make it right? Thanks!

– @Josh_Moczygemba Hello Joshua. Can you please DM us your email address so we can help? Thanks! -Zak, CS

So though Zinio not always appears to be the most forwarding company they seem to have their thoughts tuned into development and customer satisfaction. Like when they opened in Spain they seems to serious about analyzing were the customers are heading. Analyzing takes time, and you can’t always be a first-mover doing that.

But they have to prevent their system to breakdowns.

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