Innovation is basically hard work

After years and years missing the magic moment where I come up with a great idea that will enrich me for the rest of my life, I read The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun only to discover that the magic moment probably won’t appear at any time. That is a shame.

But on the other hand is quite comfortable to read. It means that though I haven’t got the great idea yet, I should just continue to search for it, and step by step it will hopefully be born… and fail…and born…and fail, and maybe finally succeed. Innovation is just basically hard work.

But I guess that you need to have some kind of talent to see have you i.e. can change a mining and manufacturing company in to a masking tape company.

Another great point in the book is the frustration over bigger companies not ready to invest in ideas that leads to new companies that really innovates. It’s new for me that Google started that way, but I knew Microsoft and the Windows-era began that way. I’ll guess you kneed to have a lot of will in you to really innovate, and what is better than a good old rejection.

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