What are my needs? – tech assignment

In short terms my business-idea is to make a European Union News Agency. A bit like Globalpost.com but with focus on the political games and decision-making in the European Parliament.
The stories will be given away for free to media-sites and blogs all over Europe, but the stories has to be hosted at our own server because it will need to have attached ads within the texts – that’s the price for the stories. Major news-sites can use the stories without the ads for a minor monthly payment – the pro-edition.
I’ll need a site for the agency as well. Some kind of showroom, maybe in time a well-visited news-site itself with additionel business-offers.
As a side business the European Media-sites can buy translated news stories on their language to put directly at their own site.

The product will be well-written feature-stories about the policy-making in the European Parliament. It can as well be web-videos, but primarily feature-written text.

The site of the news agency will be with medium traffic-needs.

It will be Europe-regional and the audience will be grown-ups with interest in the European Parliament.
And it should be able to be distributed in all kind of browsers and in mobile platforms, Ipad etc.

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