Four reasons not to do

On the paper,, sounds like a great project. Just the thing I want to do in Brussels with the Parliament of EU.
But Politico has some advantages compared to me. And even they can’t earn the required money yet.

– First of all they got good writers, with followers and a known name nation-wide. I’m me.
– Next they’ve got a supportive money-media-guy in the background. I have the student support from the danish government.
– Third they’ve got a great nation with interest in the politics, they write about. The European Parliament is a place the (at least the danish) politicians go, when they retire from the national Parliaments. Could I ever expect the Europeans to be interested in the legislation that those old politicians make in Brussels?
– Fourth they’ve got a great nation who speaks the same language, has some of the same interest and feel connected somehow. I’ve got EU with 27 different nations pushed together in a artificial parliament, that nearly any of the citizens of Europa ever seen.

So maybe I should start elsewhere if I want to succeed with a political website about the EU Parliament. Instead of having a dream of starting European-wide I should maybe begin in a country that I know, and in a language that I know. Denmark. And from there move slowly to Sweden. Then Norway. Germany. France. Poland. Etc.

Begin with the last two sentences of the advice from Evan Williams in “Founders at work”:

– I have a tendency to add more and more-the ideas always get too big to implement before they even got off the ground. Simplicity is powerful.

He really first got a hold of his business, when he didn’t have to many employees to pay.

Maybe I should just start gathering all the danish MEP’s (Member of European Parliament) tweets on a site, and work my way further from there? is actually not taken.

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